Welcome to the most active and largest unofficial competitive sports platform  where people converge from within the National Capital Region (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Faridabad) and from other places like Agra, Varanasi, Roorkee, Dehradun, and Chandigarh…..

leagueWelcome to the World of The Great Indian Squash League – your Sunday’s Dose for the Sport that enables you to reach out to competitive levels that otherwise are impossible. Our primary objective is to provide people a platform to play in continuation with this is objective of competition and last but not the least is fair play.

    • Most formal competitive events are planned around the Top Players / Teams and others are used to fill up empty spaces in the draws thereby resulting in very miniscule exposure to teams/ players who are not highly competitive. And even if you are a Great Player and not playing well on a particular day you loose and have to sit out of competitionOn The Great Indian Squash League however, the formats are devised in such a way that irrespective of your skills sets everyone gets to take a shot at the other. We play the longer format of the game “Round Robin” making sure that each team gets a chance to play against the other. Not only does this give a fair insight into the skills of teams it also helps them connect with  others thereby building greater camaraderie between our participating teams. Starting next league on wards…. we would divide teams into separate Divisions. Having played multiple league editions we now know the skill sets of each team. We are going to use the result of the Anniversary Edition and our past experience in separating teams for the two divisions. 
    • Most such events are played on regular week days – making it next to impossible for may players belonging to the working community to find time and participate. All the league’s outings are played on Sunday barring a few exceptional outings where we may have to accommodate outstation teams (especially from colleges) that need to get back by Monday early morning. We get our teams to report just in time to get down and play their matches before moving on for their other weekend engagements.
    • By playing a Team Event we make sure that there is only positive stress on players  and not negative which incidentally is a fruit of  the knock out format where the knife is always ready to fall on your head. In the round robin format however, the entire team shares the pressure. Therefore the load is much lesser……. 

Starting in the later part of 2011 we completed one very successful year of conducting the league and through our last outing that concluded only on February 17th, 2013  celebrated our 1st  Anniversary. The organizers thanked the players & teams by gifting each player with a beautiful sleeveless jacket with warm fleece backing. 3a

Made out of very high quality synthetic material the jacket is tastefully embroidered – making it a unique gift which could be used for end number of occasions.

Just for records before going into the Semi Finals of the Anniversary Edition all the Twelve Teams of The Great Indian Squash League – Anniversary Edition had already played……….

  • 21 matches / team…………… x 12 =  252 Matches
  • 63 games / team……………… x 12 =  756 Games
  • 950 – 1100 points / per team. x 12 =  11,400 – 13,200 points

The video below is of our matches for the lower half of the pools. The  contesting teams here are Team Trailblazers and Team Squasher’s. Enjoy ………..

Ladies & Gentlemen and boy’s and girl’s the league is has decided to keep Registrations Open always as this will allow lots of players ample time to decide and be on part of our future editions.

An initiative of Sports 4 Health, The Great Indian Squash League aims to provides a wide range of services exclusively to its members.  As a part of its initiative to give the sport of squash a mass appeal – Sports 4 Health is continually experimenting with newer opportunities on the Sports Arena as it works towards its primary objective of a healthier and sportier society.

Introducing – Squash’s Day Out a weekend outing for the squash enthusiast in you, established squash players who continually seek for a healthy competitive environment which are not easy to come by. Squash’s Day Out is  played over weekends where players converge from different clubs, institutions, cities and states to play multiple contests giving everyone a very intensely day out. The families are invited too and may contribute from the side lines through cheering and urging their teams further. For not so enthusiastic family supporters there is always a stint of shopping or a movie just round the corner ensuring that the family has a complete outing while you get your game. 

Sports 4 Health will do 3-4 leagues a year, with every contest to be played on weekend it is the best thing that has happened to Squash @ The Club & College level in the country.