Notification from TGISL Managers !!

Dear Team Captains / Players of TGISL, 

Thank you for confirming participation on the League.

  • Based on inputs received from teams regarding their availability, I would like to update you all that the next outing of the league will be scheduled towards the end of November.  The league managers would like you all to consider Sunday’s of 20 and 27 in November for the next outing to take place. 
  • Also please note that for any other squash tournament /activity that there maybe in the region like the one being organised by  DDA at Sri Fort in December or of the Senior Nationals in Chennai – the league schedule will remain flexible. 
  • You should inform us of the teams availability so that the league managers can keep them into perspective.  While we will still try to restrict the outing of all outstation teams to once a month, in some cases this will mean that teams will have to play more than once a month. 
  • TGISL has confirmations of dates from 7 teams already with another 5 expected shortly.
  • Once we get availability from the balance teams the schedule will be shared with you a.s.a.p.

Please stay connected and here is wishing you all the very best.

Regards,                                                                                              NOVEMBER 06TH, 2011
Vikas Sharma 

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