The Squash Summer Overload on TGISL – 2012

The Summer Squash Overload on the Great Indian Squash League which commenced June 22nd, 2012 concluded yesterday September 23rd, 2012.

Contested between TEN Teams the event saw many exciting moments and some outstanding squash to say the least. Contested by team in great spirit, The League is happy to announce that while passions flew high as intensity increased everyone displayed outstanding  spirit in victory and in defeat. Some other noteworthy things to happen can be classified below : 

  • There were many lighter movements shared outside the courts, loads of hugs and handshakes a tremendous boost to the sport which is making another bid for recognition as an Olympic sport.  
  • The league saw youth, and experience rub shoulders and with all due credit to experience the most outstanding matches of the event were contested between young legs and smarter game sense.

  • There were loads of spectacular shows as well with players like those from Team 4 Commanders and Noida Stadium 1 brushing aside opponents in three straight games.
  • It was nice to see players get involved for their respective teams not only cheer feedback has it that players were actually going back to their respective drawing boards and training harder for their next outings.
  • Team Avengers traveled from Agra to play their matches. This was one team that carried back loads of experience from their outings. Actually their game showed significant improvement on their second visit. 
  • Then there were players who tried to hard on a day to realise that their muscles were not geared for the overload. 
  • But what was remarkable to see that people did not loose their spirit and there was always a smile at the end of everything. 
  • The matches evoked loads of interests in people that a couple of new groups wanted to register their teams for the on-going action only to be told that they could register in the Winter Edition as match matrix for this one had already been worked out.
  • Some Statistics from the Summer Overload
    • 10 Teams of Four  –  each played  36 matches (best of 5 games) 11 PAR scoring.
    • 5400 minutes of Squash was played over 8 official outings at an average 700 minutes per outing of squash.
    • Loads of new friends got made and numbers exchanged. 
  • The Finals were played between Team Wasp from Vasant Kunj and Team Noida Stadium 1 from Noida. In what turned out to be young legs and smart brains the final with the seniors drawing blood in two of the four matches played.
  • Robin Man playing No 1 seed for Noida Stadium Onstarted in style taking                                                                                         the first game from Pratul (Team Wasp) 11-7.
  • Pratul raised his game and pushed himself to hard to exert pressure on Robin and managed to take the second game from him 10-12 – raising  for his team members and supporters. The fact that Pratul was coming fresh out of a viral attack did not help his cause because he ended up pushing himself harder in the second game and ran out steam in the subsequent games.
  • Robin took the advantage and finished the match with a 11-3 & 11-4 score in the 3rd & 4th game.


Yash Bhargava playing Seed 2 for Noida Stadium Team was very methodical in his approach taking on Shakti from Team Wasp. 

  •  Shakti used all his experience and skill to go neck to neck with Yash in the first game. Even leading at one stage 6-3 when Yash took three points to level the score at 6-6 after that it was  Yash Bhargava all the way – he wrapped the first game 11-8 to take control of the match.

  • After that it was Yash all the way. Taking the second game 11-4 Yash wrapped the third at 11-5 .
  • It was one of those days when whatever Shakti tried did not work and this was clear from the scores. Yash won 3-0.
  • in were Divyanshu Sharma and Ravi Sachdeva playing at No 3 position for both teams. Ravi had his agenda quiet clear it had to be a Win if the team stood semblance of a chance creating an upset.
  • First game went neck to neck till 5-5 all when momentum shifted in favor of Ravi he slowly inched his way to taking the game 11-8. Divyanshu  who had been seen warming up for quiet sometime was given a word by Robin and he regrouped his game to play great length and very effective drops.
  • Divyanshu took the second game 11-2 without too much effort.
  • Following his form in the second Divyanshu finished the third game as well 11-4.
  • The constant up and down movement were telling and eventually Ravi was beginning to tire out. The fourth game went to Divyanshu  11-3.
    This made the last game a mere formality. However, Vaibhav Sethi who had been sitting for close to two hours was eager to get on court with Maneesh. 

  • Indeed the long wait had not done good to Vaibhav Sethi, he started sluggishly with   Maneesh who had already played a four game semi final match earlier and was warmed up.  Maneesh took the first game very comfortably at 11-5.
  • The second game saw Vaibhav better warmed up. In this game both players exchanged points until about mid way when Maneesh took away a lead and eventually the game 11-7.
  • The last game turned out be a mere formality with the result of the match now clearly scripted. Maneesh wrapped up this game 11-3 to finish the match at   3-0
  • Team Wasp eventually totally outclassed by the Noida Stadium One for the second time in the league. Once in the round robin phase and then again in the knock out stage in the finals.

The players assembled after the matches for a prize distribution ceremony….. the organisers decided to facilitate the Spring Summer 2012 Edition Finalists. The  first trophy of the day was handed over to Gaurav Nandrajog. The other team members, even though invited  were not present.

The Runner-Up trophies were first handed out and Team Wasp was already on cloud nine reaching the  finals….in the absence of their captain who was travelling on business to the United States.   Each of the four players grabbed one each while  the League manager stood holding the one for their captain…





  1. Great stuff Vikas! Looking forward to the next one!

    • Hey

      Look forward to having you and your friends on board again.

      Cheers & Happy Squashing !!

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