Breaking NEW’s

The Great Indian Squash League having completed one year is proud to announce its Spring Edition for 2013. The format has been briefly explained in the poster below…. but largely relates to selection of teams based on their past performances




What started as a flirting idea to fill the weekend void and provide something useful at the amateur level has turned out to be a very versatile idea of competition in the sport and has led to the evolution of Team of Four. Even though we are continually experimenting with ideas and putting in place new things we are very happy to confess that  we only provide you a dynamic competitive platform to play loads of matches

Having successfully run the league for one year we felt a badminton event similar on lines of these could also be created and it is for that reason we have Launched The Great Badminton Premier League.  The Squash league now gets more competitive with teams being qualified into two different groups, Premier Division and second First Division. This will balance out performances and a true result based on separate skills will now become possible.

Happy Squashing !!

League Manager’s Notification – November 06th, 2011


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