The League gives you an informal platform to continue playing with a wide variety of players of different skill levels and from different places.  Here are some of the salient features that come through TGISL on Your Squash’s Day Out !!

Monthly Competition
This is what The Great Indian Squash League  is all about!! Membership is broadly split into two groups – Active and Social.  Social members have their details recorded on our database and are kept informed of goings-on, but the Active scene is where it’s at.  Active members are all entered in a ongoing league competition. Presently TGISL offers competition for Teams formed by social /sports clubs, institutions, and corporate’s.  Matches are being played and conveniently spread over months with usually not more than 1 outing each month. This is being done so that teams get enough time to go back to the drawing board and come back re-grouped and more charged up for their next competition.  Teams will get promoted and or relegated based on their performances.  The number of members per Team League will be 10 – 12 to begin with. This may grow as the seriousness of the competition spreads.

All Ages & Abilities Welcome
It really doesn’t matter if you’ve never swung a squash racket before, or if you’re the world champion. OK, so we’re a little short of world champions at this exact moment in time, but we’ve got plenty of future world beaters as TGISL members. The Great Indian Squash League welcomes ALL PLAYERS.

Our promise is however is to rapidly devise a fair and transparent – promotion/demotion system. By the time we do our next edition we will have your teams fit in a pool  with other teams of extremely similar ability. It’s the best way to learn, improve, keep fit, meet other people, and to have fun doing it!

Format of Play
Our formats will never be knock-out and always ensure that each team gets their fair share of competition and chance to prove their ability on the court.  A TGISL the concept is to “Let the Best Team Win”  With each member being encouraged to play all others members.  Points will be given to winners.

Membership to TGISL
Membership  to The  Great Indian Squash League is nominal. We encourage members to seek active membership and therefore a differential in the fee structure between Social Members and Active Members. For details on membership please get in touch with the League Manager on thegreatindiansquashleague@gmail.com