The Anniversary Edition on the  Great Indian Premier League saw for the first time all teams converge together for the finals. So there were close to 44 players from 11 Teams present with only one Team VR-Stars not showing up. The finals of all the position matches were played with a lot of enthusiasm and spirit…… Below is the Final Standing Table of teams as they performed on this edition…


The second and the final outing on the pool circuit concluded on January 27th, 2013 with all teams again assembling to complete 5 matches each in their respective pools.

All teams were playing for pride working hard to improve on their scores so as to improve their rankings in the respective pools. Box 1 saw two teams emerging with the identical score of 25 points each. Taking the calculations to the next stage where by number of matches won decides who goes higher in ranking.

Groupings for the semi-finals will be displayed on face book for everyone’s viewing…..

Next outing is scheduled for February 10th, 2013 (Sunday immediately after DDA Open – 2013. Result Format Calculator 27-1-13

The First Anniversary Edition on Super Sunday’s saw some great squash being played. Commonwealth Games Squash & Badminton Venue in Delhi once again had a Team Outing on The Great Indian Squash League. or the first time in its third outing did the league experiment with all 12 Teams on one single day. So there was loads of matches that were played and lots of traffic and meaningful viewership.   

As usual the young and the old alike got together in what has become a TGISL USP .. squash extravaganza. There were refreshment and energy food for those playing and it was good to see everyone put these to good use…. For Action Photo’s please check the Facebook Page of The Great Indian Squash League or click on the link below….
Result 20 - 01 - 2013 Matches

Result 20 – 01 – 2013 Matches

The last outing had greater surprise on offer for teams. Team Avengers from Agra could not arrive since two of its player were down with fever. While two teams namely Stadium 1 and Silver Bullets benefited from their absence …. Avengers were themselves very sad not being able to make it for their final outing on the round robin stage.

On the other side Team Squash Hawks continued their good run into the final day dropping only one point and beating the second team from the same club, Team Chilla Warriors  4-0. This got them in actual contention of making it to the finals . their position in semi final is pending one match between Noida Stadium 1 vs. Team XYZ. 

Noida Stadium 1 Team have topped the table with 85 points. Romping  home with a whooping 27 points on the last day with TWO OF THEIR MATCHES PENDING, one each with Team XYZ and the other with Silver Bullets…..…..

All Scores Circled have pending matches to play. Noida Stadium has 2 while Team XYZ and Silver Bullets have   one each !!

Into the final stretch of the Summer Overload – 2012 the run for semi – finals spots is getting teams to busy not only with their maths but also training.The outing for September 9th saw Team Squash Hawks get into firingmode with Team Wasp. While the teams only played three matches out of the four the day turned out to be quiet a contest.

Puneet playing for Squash Hawks turned the tide for their team by very easily beating Ravi of Team Wasp. Ranvir followed this up with another brilliant performance by beating Vaibhav of Team Wasp. The only victory for Waspcame with Pratul beat Ravi Nanda of Squash Hawks. While the victories increased Team Squash Hawks match averages marginally, it brought down Team Wasps averages by 0.67 points…..

With one match to go between Team Wasp and Team Squash Hawks.. the Magic of Summer Overload only just took    CENTER STAGE !!
Team 4 Commanders (4C's) completed its string of 9 matches the second team in the pool of ten to do so. They  added crucial point that keeps them safe for a semi final position.

As predicted earlier the other four teams fighting it out for the balance three places in the knock out stage are ….

  1. Noida Stadium One  – played SIX and are with 58 points
  2. Team Wasp – played SEVEN and are with 51 points
  3. Team XYZ – played SEVEN and are with 49 points
  4. Team Squash Hawks – played SEVEN and are with 40 points
There could not have been a more exciting situation getting into the knock out stage........

Team Four Commanders (4C’s) is beginning to stamp their authority by winning 2 pending matches from last weekend and are now clear leaders.

As we get closer to the last few matches the equations for second, third and fourth are already getting critical.

The HEAT is ON .... as the following teams fight it out for the other three positions;

     1. Noida Stadium One      2. Team XYZ      3. Team Wasp and       4. Squash Hawks

So do not go away yet... there is more to come as always on The Great Indian Squash League.
With two un-played games form August 19th outing, Team Four Commanders seems to be edging ahead. Will with fewer number of matches played the Noida Stadium 1 Team is following very close second..... Can the youngsters take the decisive lead going into the knock-out stage..... we shall find out soon !!

The tenth team had to be canged as Team Chandigarh could not confirm back to back visits for the league – the organisers despite offering them all options were left with no alternative other than asking Chandigarh to withdraw.

Team Silver Bullets has filled in for Team Chandigarh and it maybe heartining to note that some good matches were played by them today….The above scores are aso on August 12th, 2012.

Enjoy !
The above table is reflective of Team Positions as on August 05th, 2012. Team Ponts that have been highlightedin RED are for two matches that are pending due to an accidental injury to one of the League Member. Once     theses matches get completed the table will reflect changed scores / positions....

Results are Updated after each outing and reflect on Teams participation in the League as on the date of the post…. this chart was updated after July 29th outing !!

TGISL Results
  • Outing December 18th. 2011 – RESULT
  • Outing December 04th, 2011 – RESULT

Some Considerations

  • Teams of 4 players
  • Each player has to play their matches
  • No-Show or inability to play after the team is announced will result in walk-over to the other team.
  • Matches will be played – Best of 5 Games Only
  • Winning team /players will get two points while the loosing team /player do not get any points
  • Should a team / player beat their opponent in three straight games they benefit and get one additional point. Instead of 2 they will get 3 points for winning.
  • So friends each game is important and each outing full of opportunities.


  1. hey players. i love all this information and would, indeed , like to be a part of the team of four players. i am very much interested in all this and would be like to be in this league. the opportunities in this league is considerable . overall, its beneficial to be a part of this league.

    • Dear Siddharth,

      Welcome to Squash’s Day Out – A Healthy Concept promoted by Sports 4 Health Unlimited.

      We are very happy to take you on board and will appreciate if you can connect with us on ;

      1. E-mail :
      2. Facebook Page : “The Great Indian Squash league”

      We just concluded out 1st Edition but this is only just the beginning and there is a whole lot to come in the times to come.

      Happy Squashing & Regards
      TGISL – Administrator

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